The Courage Fund assists courageous municipal clerks and other people of conscience in New York State who oppose same-sex “marriage” from harassment, denial of rightful promotion, or unfair termination for invoking New York State law protecting their sincerely-held religious beliefs.

First there was Laura. Soon there were more.

When Governor Andrew Cuomo's pen signed same-sex “marriage” legislation into law, many municipal clerks believed they would be required to issue gay “marriage” licenses to same-sex couples.

As a result, Laura L. Fotusky, Barker Town Clerk, became what is believed to be the first New York State clerk to actually resign, rather than place her name on a same-sex “marriage” license. On July 11, 2011, the Broome County clerk tendered her resignation to the Barker Town Board. In her resignation letter, Fotusky wrote:

Laura L. Fotusky
Laura L. Fotusky
Former Town Clerk, Barker
“I believe that there is a higher law than the law of the land. It is the law of God in the Bible. In Acts 5:29, it states, ‘We ought to obey God rather than men.’

I would be compromising my moral conscience if I participated in the (same-sex 'marriage') licensing procedure. Therefore, I will be resigning…”

The gay nuptial legislation has left numerous civil servants like Mrs. Fotusky in a moral quandary. Their conscience objects to participating in an exercise that violates their sincerely-held religious beliefs, but some powerful elected officials have indicated that a refusal to do so would cost these officials their jobs.

Rose Marie Belforti
Rose Marie Belforti
Town Clerk, Ledyard

Laura Fotusky was just the beginning. We soon learned of Ruth Sheldon, former Granby Town Clerk, who also resigned, rather than compromise her Christian faith. Then there is Ledyard Town Clerk Rose Marie Belforti who submitted a letter to her Town Board saying that her religious beliefs prevented her from signing marriage licenses for same-sex couples. Many more committed Christians with moral objections to same-sex “marriage” will make courageous decisions to stand for the authentic definition of marriage. NYCF is committed to assisting their stand.

Imagine if every Christian from all across America did whatever they could, $10, $100 or $1000 to fight for marriage in the Empire State. We could turn back the tide in New York and send a message that resounds across the nation.

Your donation will not only aid these town clerks, but send a message to elected officials as well. Let’s remind them that the Christian community has rights as well!

Stand with NYCF as we stand for marriage in the Empire State.
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NY Human Rights Law protects employee’s religious beliefs as outlined in this memo.

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